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Years ago I asked myself a rather nerdy question: what if Pink Floyd were still producing concept albums?

After listening to the intro of “Time” for the millionth time I wondered if younger generations would know what those loud chiming sounds were? Grandfather clocks are basically extinct, would an updated song have ringtones in their place? If so would the song have the same impact?  

After this thought I started writing songs which related to our digital age. Songs about cell phones, getting caught up on TV shows and trying to buy sex online all fit into one neat package that I wanted to tie together.

I watched as couples fell further and further apart from each other while devices wedged into their hands got all the attention. Seeing couples dominated by technology gave me the added plot line of a married couple whose love dissolves with the aid of our technological addiction.

So in the end I wanted to make an album in the “style” of Pink Floyd all the while telling the story of my disdain for the many facets of our modern life that I don’t understand.

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