No Service - Roger Floyd

What if Pink Floyd were still producing concept albums? This is the question that I asked myself years ago. 

I wondered if the younger generation heard the alarm clocks ringing in the beginning of “Time” would know what that sound was. Grandfather and all other non-digital clock are all but extinct, would an updated song have ringtones instead? If so, would that have the same impact?

I soon started writing songs related to the current digital world that we live in, things that are important to me and that I had strong opinions of. I then started taking in how this technology has changed our relationships. I watched friends and couples wedge a device between them so they always have an exit strategy from true communication. This gave me the added idea to write the story of a dissolving marriage that technology helped to destroy.

In short, this album is my attempt to a) Write a concept album about a deteriorating marriage due to technology and b) To sound as much like Pink Floyd as I could. This was recorded in my home-studio by myself with some vocal help from Diana Planche and Lyra Howell.

This isn’t a hip album, it isn’t catchy, fast or uplifting but it is expressive of my current mental state and I think approaches a topic that is becoming more and more an issue and possibly a problem.

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