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My New Full-Length Album
Open Dream Back 2.jpg


In January of 2021 a friend helped me build a very powerful computer, for once in my musical life I could add endless software synths and plugins without overloading and crashing my system. Once I realized I had endless computer power I set my mind to completing an album.  I started going through my catelog of songs to see if I had enough suitable material for this project. Once I had 12 songs I was happy with I started writing, recording, deleting, recording, rewriting and so on until I was close to losing my mind. After two years and two months I sent my baby off to get mastered and printed to vinyl. This album is my finest work to date and I've been very excited to share it with the world. Below is the music video for the single "Falling" - A beautiful animation created by

Empire Animate Studios. 

The full album is being released on digital and vinyl

June 16th

Open Dream Back 2.jpg
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